A Guide to Choosing Family-Friendly Tourist Attractions to Visit in the UK

A Guide to Choosing Family-Friendly Tourist Attractions to Visit in the UK

Finding the best place for a day out can be a chore nowadays. There are so many factors to consider, from accessibility to going somewhere that everyone will enjoy. You want somewhere that’s going to be fun for the little ones and offer an experience that will provide many happy memories for years to come. However, this all happening spontaneously can be a hard thing to accomplish. You need a bit of smart planning to make the most of your day and turn it into an excellent family adventure.

Bodrhyddan Hall

Here at Bodrhyddan Hall, we like to think we’re a perfect day out for all occasions. A beautiful Grade 1 listed building in the heart of North Wales, with a rich history and a twelve-acre set of gardens to explore. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast or a history buff, we have something for everyone to enjoy.

Read on for our tips on finding a family-friendly tourist attraction to visit, and how we can fit that brief you’re so meticulously searching for.

Plan Ahead

It might seem like the obvious place to start, but forward planning is essential to making amazing memories. Imagine getting somewhere the kids are ecstatic about going to, only to be turned away as it’s too busy or told it’s not open today. It’ll leave you cursing yourself for not planning ahead and some upset youngsters in the back seat.

So plan ahead. Visit the website of wherever you’re planning on going to check out opening times, ticket prices and more. You’ll also be able to plan your day accordingly. Maybe you’ll spot a tour leaving at 10 that you’d love to be on, so plan to get there early. Or you’ll notice somewhere doesn’t open on Sunday, so will know if you want to head there it must be on a Saturday.

Check out reviews from reputable sources, as they can often reveal information about a destination you may not see on the website. Bodrhyddan Hall’s website has all of our opening times and information, meaning you can plan ahead and know exactly what you want to do ahead of time. Check out our page on Tripadvisor if you want to see what visitors think of us.


You should discuss with your family what they would like to do first. This will then give you an idea of what to look for when researching potential days out. Somebody might want lots of great views while someone else cares only about the history. By knowing their needs, you can find a place that will suit everybody.

Make sure you check the requirements of any place you plan to visit. Some places will only let your children in above a certain age, or may not even allow children at all. If planning on visiting a theme park, check the height requirements online to make sure your child will have plenty of things to do while there. There’s nothing worse for a child than being an inch too short for a rollercoaster. Bodrhyddan Hall is for all ages so you won’t have to worry about any problems like this arising.


The price can be very important when planning a day out, with some country estates charging inflated prices for entry. Check beforehand to make sure a surprise entry cost isn’t going to ruin your day and see the options. Some places offer family tickets for a discounted price. Or you may want to find out whether any tours would cost extra. Always choose your day out with a budget in mind, so that you don’t have to worry about spending too much and can instead enjoy the day.

If you’re worried about costs, there are always ways to save on a trip while still having a fun time. Consider bringing a picnic instead of eating out, with this being a fun and cheap alternative to spending money on dining.

Bodrhyddan Hall offers affordable pricing, £5 entry for just our gardens and £10 for both the house and gardens. The prices in our Tea Room reflect our good quality food and drink options, while still remaining affordable.

Guided Tours, Woodland Walk and Other Activities

What’s on at a location is key to your enjoyment. If you’re at a country house that just offers beautiful grounds, you might eventually feel slightly bored just walking around and crave something else to do. Suddenly what you thought would be a whole day out has lasted an hour and you don’t know how else to entertain the kids. Guided tours of grounds and properties are a great way to have an interesting and educational experience for the whole family.

Here at Bodrhyddan Hall, we offer entertaining and educational guided tours of our luxury gardens and stately home, a chance for visitors to immerse themselves in the beauty and history of the venue. The home has a variety of antique furniture, historical artwork and even a mummy, all available on our tour. Our Woodland Walk area explores a previously inaccessible woodland, reclaimed in the 2000s and maintained by a team of expert landscapers.

Our gardens have some of the most captivating views in all of Wales, laid out by William Andrew Nesfield, who is also responsible for Kew Gardens. There is an array of flowers to enjoy in the summer months when they are in full bloom and a rich variety of birdlife and other animals.

Bodrhyddan Hall’s Facebook page provides our extensive event listings and shows you what events we have on. Everything from car shows and living history events means you’re sure to find something interesting to suit you.


Sometimes the best thing about a day out is having a few treats and refreshments. So, make sure when researching you check out the options available. Arriving somewhere and hoping for a coffee just to be told they have no cafe will put a downer on your day and not having an option to feed the kids might force you to leave earlier than you planned.

At Bodrhyddan Hall we have a Tea Room that offers a selection of cold and hot beverages, as well as hot food and a selection of cakes. There will be something for everyone to enjoy whether it’s a quick snack before you start exploring or lunch to refuel your energy halfway through. So sit down, relax and let the beautiful surroundings wash over you while enjoying top-quality refreshments.


You may need a location with suitable accessibility if one of your family has mobility issues. Check websites to see what sort of options are available in this situation. A visit to a place with a lot of steps will not be suitable for someone in a wheelchair and this could ruin the whole experience.

Bodrhyddan Hall offers parking directly in front of the house and accessible grounds to explore. We’ll work to make your visit as easy as possible.


Travelling to and from a tourist attraction should not be the most stressful part of your day. Choose somewhere close to home if you want a quick and easy day out. If you’re planning to go further afield, make sure your family knows well in advance so they can consider bringing things to do on the way there. Check the route online to see whether it’s near any motorway junctions or whether you’ll be travelling down country roads the whole time. If you have a car not well suited for country roads, this might help you make an informed decision whether a potential destination is worth a visit.

Bodrhyddan Hall is around three miles from Junction 27 off the A55 expressway and very easy to reach within the North Wales area. It is about an hour’s drive from Liverpool, nestled between Dyserth and Rhuddlan.


A final tip is to keep an eye on the weather forecast. If you’re planning a day out somewhere mostly outside, the last thing you want to do is go in the pouring rain. On the other side of this, you don’t want to book somewhere indoors on a lovely day, so you need to consider the weather when planning.

Bodrhyddan Hall has a mix of indoor and outdoor activities, perfect for any adverse weather.

Have Fun!

You’re there to enjoy yourself, so don’t plan yourself into a corner with a detailed schedule. Perhaps plan a few activities planned that you know you’ll enjoy your day and have plenty to keep you occupied!

Choose Bodrhyddan Hall

If you’re looking for things to do in North Wales, Bodrhyddan Hall offers all of the features you’re looking for when looking for a family-friendly tourist attraction in the UK. There’s something to do for everyone from our gardens, guided tours and gift shop. So call us today on 01745 590 155 if you have any questions about our services.

Looking to hire a venue for a private event? Bodrhyddan Hall has hosted everything from weddings to business meetings, offering the use of our beautiful stately home and superb views. You can even get married here! To discuss booking our venue, visit our website today. We can consider your requirements and explain more details with a member of our expert team.

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