Bodrhyddan Hall: The Perfect Summer Holiday Day Out for All Occasions

Bodrhyddan Hall: The Perfect Summer Holiday Day Out for All Occasions

Bodrhyddan Hall is perfect for all occasions. For history-inspired birthdays we have a guided tour of the house and gardens. For anniversaries, father’s day, and mother’s day, we have our beautiful gardens and Woodland Walk. To top these special days off, we also have a tea room and a gift shop to please everybody.

Here’s some inspiration so that you can mould your next family event to include a fun-packed and rural-oriented summer holiday day out that everybody can enjoy!

Birthday: Guided Tour of the Hall

Seeing as Bodrhyddan Hall is only open for set times of the year, it should be your priority to see and experience what the Victorian estate has to offer whilst you can! You won’t want to miss our 90 minute guided tour of the estate and gardens which are steeped in history.

On the tour, a range of historical materials is presented and explained to our visitors. We have rooms full of Victorian crockery and household items, from ceramic plates to knight armour to children’s toys… we even have a mummy! This tour of a Victorian remodelling of a sixteenth-century estate would be perfect as a birthday trip for any history enthusiasts.

Anniversaries and Mother’s/Father’s Day: Picturesque Gardens

Bodrhyddan Hall also boasts a beautiful twelve acre set of gardens. Our seasonal parterres are a gorgeous backdrop for any upcoming summer anniversaries. The Woodland Walk area was reclaimed in the early 2000s and has since thrived year on year, making huge improvements from being an inaccessible and unusable mess of woodland just two decades ago.

This would be the ideal event location for any nature enthusiast. Because we have a team of experienced groundspeople and landscapers, the garden and woodland are always maintained with the most optimal and seasonal flora and fauna. This makes it the ideal summer day out to enjoy a romantic anniversary or to say thank you to your parents on mother’s or father’s day which will be filled with tranquillity and natural beauty.

Tea Room and Gift Shop

No special day would be complete without a slice of cake or a few! Whether you’ve come to the estate for a birthday, an anniversary, or for mother’s or father’s day, there is a range of hot drinks, food, and cake available in the tea room. It’s a beautiful place to let the estate sink in whilst you sip on a hot beverage and celebrate over some classic jam sponge or a nostalgic carrot cake!

What better way to remember a special day than getting yourself a gift or a souvenir to remind you of your new connection to Bodrhyddan Hall? To keep the children happy, there is a range of gifts and toys available at the gift shop so that they can take the creativity and entertainment of Bodrhyddan Hall with them!

What better way to spend your next summer holiday day out than to visit Bodrhyddan Hall? The estate has a range of historical materials and artefacts with a guided tour, a meticulously kept garden and Woodland Walk, and a tearoom and gift shop to top the occasion off, whatever that occasion might be!

If you have any questions about our services, from having a summer holiday day out to booking our venues for marriages and other events, don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling us on 01745 590 155!

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