Five Reasons to Consider Getting Married in a Stately Home

When planning a wedding one of the most important factors to consider is the venue. Stately homes are popular choices as they offer elegance, natural beauty and an amazing backdrop for your special day. There’s no denying that period properties make an impressive venue choice for any type of wedding including lavish celebrations and small weddings.

But, if you’re still stuck deciding if a stately home is the right choice for your wedding, it’s time to get clued up on what makes these locations so amazing. At Bodrhyddan Hall in North Wales, this house is a stunning example of Welsh heritage and a splendid option for all kinds of weddings.

We’ve put together this useful blog to explain just how amazing stately homes can be as a wedding venue choice. Read on for all you need to know.

Why are stately homes a good choice for weddings?

Your wedding venue will set the scene and atmosphere of your big day so choosing a gorgeous location is key. Getting married is an opportunity to go all out and plan a magical celebration and with stunning scenery, grand architecture and picturesque gardens you can tick every box by choosing a stately home.

Here are five top reasons why you should consider a stately property for your wedding.

You can enjoy the stunning scenery

There is a lot to consider when picking your wedding venue but the great thing about stately homes is that they look amazing from the outside and on the inside. Guests should enjoy their approach to the venue including amazing scenery and beautiful grounds that lead to the main house.

With a stately home, they are often in rural locations surrounded by natural beauty so you and your loved ones can experience the stunning scenery all day. It’s important that the location is perfect as well as the venue itself. You can get the best of both worlds when you choose a stately home as your ideal wedding venue.

A stately home provides a romantic setting for a wedding

There are many considerations to think about when choosing a venue. Not only should it be the right size and have amazing grounds, but it should feel romantic too. Stately homes often have rich histories which can create the feeling of magical tales and experiences for you and your partner.

There’s nothing more romantic than soaking up the charm and elegance of a stately manor. Plus, you don’t need to worry about your wedding feeling outdated or old as these properties can be decorated in a way that suits you while still showing off its charm for the most romantic setting.

Stately homes are bursting with history and culture

If you fancy a venue that’s brimming with history then swap a modern hotel for a stately home. Often, these properties have been around for centuries and have interesting backstories which makes the location even more special for your wedding day.

Steeped in history and home to a rich tapestry of stories and tales, Bodrhyddan Hall is a wondrous place to explore on your next day trip. As one of North Wales’ most magical venues, our grounds and property have been amazing backdrops to some of the most incredible weddings. Get in touch with us today for more information about your private wedding hire.

You can hire the entire venue for your wedding privately

Did you know that you can hire entire stately homes for private use? Imagine having an entire period property to yourself where you, your partner and your guests can enjoy a fabulous day of celebrations. The great thing about hiring this kind of venue is that you can host your entire wedding in one place and you haven’t got to worry about the general public.

Having a little privacy by hiring out your venue means your wedding can feel more intimate plus you’ll feel more relaxed throughout the day too. Exclusive hire is a great luxury for your wedding day and your celebrations may feel a little more personal that way.

You can enjoy beautiful gardens and great photo opportunities

A picture paints a thousand words and having amazing wedding photos is one thing that you shouldn’t overlook. Even with a great photographer you still need beautiful gardens and great locations to take your wedding photos so you have incredible pictures that will capture your special day perfectly.

Great photo opportunities are a major part of your wedding. With scenic spots all around the venue, a stately home will provide you with ample places to take pictures and make the most of the venue.

Are there stately homes near me?

Many people don’t realise just how many stately homes there are in the UK. Often, these locations have been in families for generations as heritage properties and are now open to the public for weddings and other private hires.

If you’re looking for a wedding venue in your local area but you don’t want to get married in a hotel or church then a stately home is a great choice. Tucked away in more rural areas, you can discover beautiful properties within close proximity or why not branch out and go further afield?

How to make your stately home wedding special

Beautiful settings, gorgeous gardens and amazing interiors, there isn’t much more you can ask for from a wedding venue. You can make your day extra special by adding a few extra touches and ensuring that you use the stately home to its full potential such as:

Hosting refreshments on the grounds

As mentioned, stately homes usually have amazing grounds which make the perfect spot for light refreshments after the ceremony. Your guests can soak up the beautiful surroundings and relax a little before the evening celebrations.

Consider getting married outside

From the historical interiors that add to the romantic atmosphere to the lavish exteriors, you’ll be spoilt for choice when deciding which area is best for the ceremony. If you’re getting married in the summer then being outdoors can make it that extra bit special.

Arrange aerial photos

Once your big day is over you’ll want to look back on your wedding photos with fond memories. Organising aerial photos to be taken means you can capture the amazing features of the stately home that look impressive all year round.

Bodrhyddan Hall: Private Hire For Your Wedding in North Wales

Bodrhyddan Hall is a gorgeous Welsh heritage wedding venue that offers the perfect setting for you and your loved one to tie the knot. We aim to make your day as special as possible whether you’re planning a large celebration or a more intimate wedding, we’ll work alongside you to bring your ideas to life.

We have experience hosting weddings all year round and our dedicated team is on hand to help with planning and adding finishing touches that you’ll love. From the grandeur of the great hall to the beauty of our outdoor grounds, the amazing backdrop of Bodrhyddan Hall is a showstopper amongst North Wales wedding venues.

If you’re looking for an amazing stately home wedding venue look no further than Bodrhyddan Hall in North Wales. Experience unrivalled elegance and beauty on your wedding day.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us today for more information about our wedding packages.

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