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Hotspots for your Wedding Shots

Posted on: 17th June 2019

Considering a wedding rushes by so fast and it’s hugely important to chose the right photographer. Because of this, we have tried to make your big day a little easier.

In this blog, we have decided to look at ten spots around Bodrhyddan’s gardens that the extremely talented wedding photographers who have been invited to Bodrhyddan to showcase our beautiful brides and grooms. Choose the luxurious and beautifully maintained areas of the formal lawns and topiary. What about the organised chaos of the Pleasance? There are enough photo-ops to keep even the most fastidious photographers busy.

If you have ever scrolled Instagram for the perfect #weddingphotography, #bodrhyddan has come up more than once. We are extremely proud to present such a variety of spots for your big day.

We can’t wait to see where photographers will chose next for the perfect wedding shots. Head over to for more information booking here at Bodrhyddan.

The Ponds – Light and water make your bridal shots come alive.

Wedding Photography in North Wales
Oliver Jones Photography

The Bamboo Wall – For that Insta-fresh wedding shot

The Rhododendron – Beautiful colours to match a brides bouquet

The Swing – The perfect, romantic wedding couple’s shot. Him and Her.

Between the Topiary – Framing the wedding dress.

Richard Williams Photography

The Gardener’s Shed – Take time away from your reception to explore the grounds and gardens

The Parterre – Enough room for bridesmaids and groomsmen if you wish. Or just yourselves.

The Fountain – Perfect for a post ceremony photoshoot

The Cherry Blossom – Brides and Grooms who choose early spring are welcomed by a beautiful display of colour and blossom

Bodrhyddan’s Facade – Make the most of our venue by getting this shot and showcasing the wonderful Victorian architecture

We look forward to hearing more from future brides and grooms who wish to book Bodrhyddan Hall for their wedding venue and enjoy their big day!

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