How To Find Your Perfect Autumn Wedding Venue

How To Find Your Perfect Autumn Wedding Venue

Autumn is a beautiful time of year, the air is fresh, the leaves are stunning shades of orange and you can still enjoy those last few moments of summer sunshine. These reasons are why autumn makes the perfect season for a wedding.

If you’ve decided to have your wedding in the autumn months, you’ll need to get hunting for the perfect location to have your wedding party, here are 4 tips to guide you through the process:

Consider what kind of venue you want

There are so many amazing venues you can choose from that offer a beautiful setting to get married in. It’s worth sitting down as a couple and considering what you both would like out of your wedding venue. Do you want a grand stately home wedding? Or perhaps you’re interested in a classic barn venue? Whatever you decide on, search the internet for ‘stately home wedding venue’ or ‘wedding venues near me’ and this will give you a good starting point to see what might be available.

Visit the venues

The only way you’ll be able to decide on a venue is by visiting it and seeing if you like the location. If you’re planning your wedding more than a year in advance, you’ll be able to visit the venue during autumn and see it in all of its golden glory. However, you can visit the venue at any time to see what the setting is like. Are there plenty of trees that will turn wonderful shades of copper, auburn and purple? Take a look at the gardens and imagine how good they will look as the background of your wedding photos. It’s also worth visiting two or three times before you make a decision.

Consider your budget

While you may find the perfect wedding venue that has everything you want, if it isn’t within your budget, there isn’t much point going to visit it. However, you can still find a gorgeous venue on even the smallest of budgets. Establish what your budget is going to be and browse the venues in your price range.

Make sure you get ‘the feeling’

Like most things, if it’s the right venue you’ll get the feeling of butterflies in your stomach and you’ll be able to easily imagine yourself walking down the aisle and seeing all your loved ones together with you. If you’re unsure about a venue then it’s probably not the right one, but if you’ve visited and it feels unforgettable, you’ll know that’s the place you’ll want your wedding to be.

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