North Wales Best Wedding Venue; Hot Spots & Top Shots 2

North Wales best wedding venue?

We guess it’s up to you to decide. Bodrhyddan Hall is definitely not a cheap wedding venue but is probably much more affordable than you might think. In this blog, we’re showcasing another set of incredible shots to convey the huge variety of photo ops at this stunning North Wales wedding venue. The beauty of a garden wedding is the sheer amount of space for you and your guests to explore. Check out these photos and make up your mind if Bodrhyddan can truly be counted among the best wedding wedding venues in North Wales.

Bodrhyddan Hall is one of North Wales best wedding venues

1. The confetti shot (Tony Fanning Photography)

This can take place wherever you like but we love how this shot encapsulates the garden wedding aesthetic. Straight after your wedding ceremony, your guests welcome you to married life with the confetti. We request that any confetti brought to the Hall is biodegradable to keep this beautiful wedding venue looking it’s best.

The Summer House is one of the most unique North Wales Wedding Ceremony options

2. At the Summer House (Let Love Flourish)

Our pride and joy! The gorgeous Summer House, modelled on the ancient treasury at Petra and surrounded by nature and water. A completely unique wedding ceremony setup, allowing for a truly personal occasion, watched on by your guests. Our state of the art PA system ensures guests can hear every word without the need of ugly wires and microphone stands. This set up is one of a kind.

The Great Hall is a majestic wedding ceremony room

3. Inside the Great Hall (Helen Rose Photography)

While the Great British Summer can sometimes put a halt to an outdoor wedding ceremony, Bodrhyddan Hall has the perfect backup with the majestic mansion setting of the Great Hall. Due to the efficiency of our experienced wedding coordinators, we can make a decision on your ceremony with limited notice if the weather is against us.

4. Around the lakes (Nathan Roberts Photography)

Bodrhyddan boasts a number of lily-filled lakes throughout the gardens, as well as a small waterfall feature spilling down from the Summer House. Water can really make a wedding photo pop and with so many options, you will be sure to get the shot you are looking for.

5. Crossing the bridges (Ant Jackson Photography)

Take a running jump into married life just like Lauren & Glen after their wonderful outdoor wedding ceremony. Our luxury wedding venue is yours for your most perfect day and we cannot wait for you find your own awesome wedding photo spots.

If you’ve ever wondered, “Where is the best wedding venue near me”? Well, without being over confident, we think you’re looking at it. The variety of scope for your wedding reception and ceremony can not be matched. Please get in touch today to find out the costs for your wedding.

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