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No Man’s Land

Posted on: 14th May 2019

Bodrhyddan’s first weekend event of the season took place on a clear, but windy weekend in April. The event showcased World War 1 & 2 re-enactors delighted, amused and educated over a thousand visitors who came through the gates of Bodrhyddan Hall. Some lucky visitors were even stopped by military checkpoint from a squad of WW2 American forces.

Courtesy of Hova Media

It was great to see such a wide demographic of attendees at the event, from children, excited to continue learning about the wars to veterans who had served in WW2 themselves. There was enough to do and see that most visitors spent well over three hours on site which many commented on being an excellent value for money day out, at just £6 entry. With a variety of catering options and stalls selling memorabilia, toys and books, there was plenty to do and see away from the re-enactment side, as well as access to our beautiful gardens.

Image courtesy of Christopher Doyle Photography

With over 250 re-enactors at Bodrhyddan over the weekend showcasing period authentic uniforms, weapons, vehicles, trench warfare and firing demonstrations, the event ensured that the true aspects of war were not forgotten. It is important that people do not forget the sacrifice made by those who served in both World Wars.

WW2 Chinese Re-Enactor, 88th Division at Bodrhyddan Hall
Image courtesy of Christopher Doyle Photography

Bodrhyddan served as an excellent backdrop for the event, with many of our ancestors involved in both World Wars and the house showcases many fascinating mementos, medals and much more. We are delighted to exhibit these when the house reopens in June.

Image courtesy of Christopher Doyle Photography

We are delighted that No Man’s Land will be returning to Bodrhyddan Hall in 2020 and hope visitors will return again to this wonderful living history event. In future, we hope to have more re-enactors, more traders and want to make the event as immersive as possible. Bodrhyddan would like to thank everyone who has given us such wonderful feedback so far and of course, to the excellent re-enactors who made the event such a success.

Image courtesy of Christopher Doyle Photography

We had a wonderful display of photographs shared by so many attendees; check out the links below! Sorry if we forgot anyone!

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We also have a great write up by the Rhyl Journal.

And of course, the video shot by the hardworking crew at Hova Media.

Image courtesy of Christopher Doyle Photography
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