Wedding Venue; Bodrhyddan’s Hot Spots & Top Shots

Welcome to North Wales’ luxury wedding venue

We are hopefully approaching the light at the end of the tunnel in relation to COVID-19. And we are unbelievably excited to begin hosting affordable weddings once more at our beautiful wedding venue in picturesque North Wales. In anticipation of our brides and grooms returning in the summer, we thought could showcase some our favourite spots for wedding photography here in the gardens of Bodrhyddan Hall. If you’ve ever found yourself googling , ‘where is the best wedding venue near me’? Well, we’ll just these photos do the talking

Bodrhyddan Hall is an 18th Century Wedding Venue

1. The spacious lawns in front of the house (Helen Rose Photography)

Standing on the perfectly manicured lawns, with the Victorian architecture of the stunning facade as your backdrop, these shots are sure to your guests speechless. The lawns opposite the venue are also the spot where we host our outdoor wedding receptions. They provide an entirely unique and elegant spot for you and your guests to enjoy the wonderful surroundings of North Wales.

These part of the garden is home to the giant sequoias at our wedding venue

2. Beneath the towering redwood canopy (Fresh Photography)

The gardens of Bodrhyddan are home to a huge variety of plant and tree life but these giant sequoias have a fascinating history. The seeds were mailed to Bodrhyddan in the 1960’s by an American army general, who met the 9th Lord Langford during the Berlin Airlift. While only six of the thousand seeds germinated, they have thrived. This is another shot that highlights Bodrhyddan Hall’s unique garden wedding venue setup.

Laura and Will pose in front of the bamboo

3. In front of the bamboo wall (Craig Nicholas)

One of the Instagram lovers, the fortress of bamboo that skirts the Pleasance is another throwback to the Victorian history of the house. After a unique outdoor wedding ceremony, couples can share their first drinks together in another jaw-dropping part of the garden. Bodrhyddan has hosted beautiful drinks reception for brides, grooms and guests in this part of the garden. Whether they are rustic venue weddings or chic do it yourself affairs, Bodrhyddan is on hand to offer experienced wedding advice.

Bodrhyddan Hall's parterre is full of flowering begonias

4. The mini maze, bursting with colour (Darren Williams Photography)

This maze, or parterre, is one of the signature wedding shots here at Bodrhyddan but don’t be afraid to think outside the box. The seemingly random pathways form an enchanting pattern when viewed from above. This is perfect for personal shots like the one above or photos of the whole wedding party. With the photographer able to gain access inside the venue to take the shot from above, some really inspiring creations are made.

The marquee was constructed on the lawns of the wedding venue

5. Inside your beautifully fitted wedding marquee (George Harrison Photo)

Ok, we can’t take all the credit for this one. The benefit of a do it yourself venue like Bodrhyddan Hall means it’s your wedding, your way. Asia & Ben had the idea to create their luxury style wedding interior and Bodrhyddan Hall were on hand to help. If you are interested in designing your own wedding, as a venue, we can help how to plan your wedding.

We’re aware that you have a lot of questions. Hopefully we have been able to answer them for you. If you want to know how much a wedding costs at Bodrhyddan, please get in touch through the wedding page. Let us know a few details such as your wedding date. How many guests you want at your wedding. Finally, do you want to host your wedding ceremony, wedding reception or both here at our wonderful venue. We look forward to hearing from you.

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